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NAMI Statement On Release Of U.S. Presidential Candidate Positions On Mental Health And Addiction (Aug 27, 2019)

NAMI is a proud member of Mental Health For US, a nonpartisan, educational coalition elevating mental health and addiction in policy conversations. Today, the coalition released candidate responses to their survey which asked 11 questions addressing mental health, drug overdose, criminal justice reform, equal access to care and more. Read More

Ron Honberg, NAMI Senior Policy Advisor on C-SPAN Washington Journal (Aug 7, 2019)
This 30-minute segment on “Red Flag” laws included call-in questions from the public. Ron talked about the fact that people with mental illness are more often the victims of violence than the perpetrators. Read more

Mental Health Parity at Risk: Deregulating the Individual Market and the Impact on Mental Health Coverage (2018)
NAMI collaborated with researchers at Georgetown University on a report that provides, for the first time, comprehensive data showing barriers and gaps in mental health and substance use coverage in the individual insurance market prior to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This report highlights just how bad things were and emphasizes the dangers of turning back the clock.