As members of NAMI Greater Milwaukee there are opportunities in advocacy for insurance parity and affordable access to health care services. NAMI Greater Milwaukee members are also advocates for safe, affordable housing for those living with mental illnesses. NAMI works with law enforcement and healthcare workers to improve interactions with people in mental health crisis and members have the opportunity to impact and voice their opinions and experiences with the organization. Together our “voice” is louder as we speak with politicians and others about ways to improve the lives of those with mental illnesses. The number of dues paying members we have can impact the amount of money we qualify for on various grants, this impacts the amount of services and resources our organization provides.

Your voice matters.


By joining NAMI Greater Milwaukee, you also automatically become a member of NAMI National and NAMI Wisconsin.

Membership benefits include:

  • NAMI Greater Milwaukee newsletter

  • Member discounts on purchases and events

  • Updates on local, state and national legislative advocacy

  • NAMI Wisconsin newsletter

  • NAMI Advocate magazine

  • Annual NAMI convention voting rights


There are two different rates available. Please note that an example of $1.00 is presented to provide an idea of how to input the amount. Please note the correct cost of the membership you are getting ($60.00, $40.00 or $5.00) in the amount slot titled All NAMI GM Payments Amount when filling out the form. The two rates are listed below:

Household Membership:
$60.00 Per Year

Regular Membership:
$40.00 Per Year

Open Door Membership:
$5.00 Per Year

**When becoming a member be sure to notify in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box that the payment is made for Memberships.

Credit Transaction Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy NAMI Greater Milwaukee offers credit card transactions through the PayTrace service associated with our bank. We are in the process of transferring banks and pay methods. In the meantime, please be assured that any payment made with a credit card will be honored, and refunds and cancellations of transactions can be made at your request. At the same time, NAMI Greater Milwaukee maintains within its rights the termination of any proceedings which it deems inappropriate or illegal. NAMI Greater Milwaukee does not share any information with any other organization, does not sell user information to any third party and retains only basic demographic information for the purposes of future correspondence and for your tax receipt usage. This infomation includes the card bearer's name, address, phone number and email if available. At your request all such information will be removed from our database. For questions or concerns, please contact our NAMI office at 414-344-0447.